New Raymond Mill

Now China’s emissions of fly ash has more than 100 million tons per year on, large quantities of fly ash will not only cause the pollution and damage to the environment great, and serious will affect people’s normal production and life, so the market urgently needs to develop a generation of fly ash recycling equipment – fly ash mill.

Ultrafine Mill , as one of the most commonly used mechanical equipment industrial milling machine, whether it is in the scope of application, or in grinding effect, even in the investment budget, it has a great advantage, so that the new Raymond mill can be used to promote the fly ash recycling. Based on this, the following will be a brief description of the new Raymond mill for coal ash related knowledge, specific details are as follows:

The fly ash grinding processing production line will contain the core of Raymond mill grinding machine, it will take with some auxiliary grinding equipment such as crusher, feeder, hoist and other auxiliary for the production of flour. The grinding technological process of the pulverized coal ash milling production line composed of Raymond mill is as follows:

Bulk fly ash by Hubei crusher to the desired size, by the elevator will be sent to the material hopper, the vibrating feeder will feed evenly and continuously into the quantitative Raymond mill host grinding chamber for grinding, grinding powder by the fan airflow away by grading analysis machine with fineness the powder into the large cyclone collector with air, were isolated and collected, and then by the powder discharge tube is finished powder.

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