Raymond Mill wind system

The structure of SCM Ultrafine Mill is generally composed of blower, large cyclone separator and pipeline. Wind power system is an important part of Raymond mill system, this paper will introduce the wind system in detail. There are 2 zero pressure surfaces in the wind loop, that is, the surface composed of zero pressure points in the system, one in the blower and one in the Raymond mill. The feed port of Raymond mill is in the negative pressure zone, so the zero pressure surface is in the lower part of the feeding port, that is, the suspension roller and the grinding ring (steel ring). When you start the engine, you should start the fan first and then start the host. The dust will emit a lot of dust from the feeding port immediately after starting the machine. After a few minutes, the feed port will change from positive pressure to negative pressure, and the dust will not come out again. Therefore, the star feeder should be sealed, and if there is a gap, it will wind out the powder. In addition, the maintenance door should be sealed, if the gasket is worn, new gaskets should be replaced to prevent wind and flour. Finally, the discharge port at the bottom of the large cyclone separator should be sealed. When the suction air from the discharge port reaches 10%~15% of the cyclone air volume, the dust collection efficiency will be reduced to approximately zero. The dust collecting efficiency of the large cyclone separator is about 90%.

In the loop system, there is a certain distance between the two sides of the full pressure zero pressure surface and the static zero pressure surface. The resistance in this distance is equal to the pressure difference between the full pressure zero surface and the static zero pressure surface. In the calculation of moving zero pressure surface, the concept of full pressure and full pressure zero pressure surface must be used. The full pressure zero pressure surface and the static zero pressure surface always appear in pairs. If a zero pressure surface moves, another zero pressure surface will move along. When the air tube little resistance, zero pressure operation surface at the feed port, do not need to move the zero pressure level generally. It should be controlled by the flow tube production (control air pipe gate) make full pressure zero pressure level stably in the suspension roller and grinding ring (ring), when the air tube air flow is controlled in the range of appropriate number, resistance and no greater than the column value, you can not move the zero pressure level. When the air pipe adopts the dust resistance large, or because of high dust need the whole wind loop works under the condition of negative pressure, total pressure, zero pressure level required by the Raymond mill near to the exit of a blower, and even moved to blowers.

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